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Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Many Australian pool owners now insist upon pool pumps that do not only deliver powerful and efficient performance, but the type of pumps that can lower energy use and cost. Regular water circulation must be performed to make sure the pool water remains safe, clean and clear for swimming. However, running the pool pump requires energy that can significantly raise the consumption and cost of energy.

When choosing a pool pump, it is not only necessary to consider the power and the size of the pool. It is also necessary to consider the energy consumption and future energy cost. Potential environmental hazards must also be taken into account. Pool pump manufacturers Davey, Zodiac and Poolrite, produce pool pumps that are energy efficient, eco-friendly, quiet and bring the powerful performance of a standard pool pump.

Pumps that are energy efficient and eco-friendly, not only reduce energy costs, but also reduce emissions that are considered to be harmful to the environment. They run at reduced noise levels which make outdoor swimming activities noise free and fun.

The wide range of pool filters offer high quality and performance pool pumps that lowers high electricity consumptions and CO2 emissions. They run at lower speed and quiet conditions thus requires less energy.

Running pumps at lower speed over longer periods can significantly lower energy consumption by as much as 70%, while maintaining the overall pool water health such as water filtration and circulation.

At Quality Pumps & Irrigation co. we offer best price and quality expert advice on eco-friendly pool pump solutions for your swimming pool. Call us on 1300 912396.
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