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What is a Saltwater Chlorinator?
A saltwater chlorinator is basically a chlorine generator, which consists of two parts: a low voltage power supply and an electrolytic cell. Through the process of electrolysis the units
convert salt to sodium hypochloride (liquid chlorine). When the chlorine has completed its work on cleaning your pool water, it reforms back into salt! It does not use up any salt through this process. The advantages of salt in swimming pools, apart from the sanitising effect are the pleasantness of the water, lack of red eyes from prolonged bathing, convenience, lower chemical costs and the fact that asthma and hay fever sufferers can now swim in and under water without adverse symptoms.
Application: The electrolytic cell is plumbed into the filter return line and the power pack mounted on a wall or post in close proximity to the cell. Common salt is added to the pool water, 4kg for every 1000 litres -(4000-5000ppm) or approx 8-9 x 25 kg bags for a 50,000 litre pool or approx 10-12 x 40 lb bags on a 20,000 gallon pool. The salinity level, 1/8th the strength of seawater is so mild it is pleasant to taste. Salt is replaced only through loss of water, such as backwashing or splashing or draining the pool after heavy rain, which amounts to about 1/4 of the initial dosage annually. Evaporation of water will only concentrate the salt level.
Maintenance: Because the cell behaves as a plating medium, calcium, magnesium and any other heavy metals such as copper, forms on the negative electrode (cathode) therefore the cell requires periodical cleaning. A simple cleaning application is to be carried out regularly. Soaking in 1 part acid to 10 parts water will usually do the job. The secret is to not let the plates build up too much. The addition of extra salt is the only other maintenance required.

For some concrete or pebblecrete pools you will get build up on the cell plate more often than fibreglass pools. If you live in an area where you have very "hard" water i.e. high levels of calcium, it is best to use a self cleaning chlorinator. This will eliminate the need for periodical cleaning of the cell.
A saltwater chlorinator system operating on your swimming pool means crystal clear water and a sparkling natural looking pool all the time.
Saltwater chlorination almost totally does away with sanitising chemicals such as chlorine, and the hazards of storing them.
Chlorine destroys bacteria, viruses and algae in a pool. Saltwater chlorination produces its own chlorine when mildly salted water is passed through the salt cell. The chlorine dissolves instantly in the pool water, going to work immediately to sanitise the the pool.
Your pool's water quality depends on the right pool equipment, filtration, water balance and maintenance.
For the most efficient operation of your Chlorinator, Quality Pumps & Irrigation recommend: Fine fast-dissolving crystals of the highest quality. Our salt is 100% Australian and of the highest purity and is a totally natural product obtained by solar evaporation of sea water. Natural salt is a mild, antiseptic which does not bleach bathing suits nor damages your hair. No more dry skin.
When you are adding pool salt to your pool:
Place full bags of salt in the pool
Pour salt all in one place in the pool
Add salt to skimmer box

Test pool water for chlorine, it should be less than 3ppm
Test the pool for ph, it should be approximately 7.2 to 7.4
Adjust pool water if necessary
Turn off the chlorinator.
Open bag and distribute entire contents evenly around the pool - do not place full bags of salt in the pool, for best results broom salt around the pool to dissolve.
No more than 2 bags of salt distributed at any one time.
Ensure salt is totally dissolved before allowing automatic pool cleaners to operate.
Run filter for a minimum of 2 hours after the addition of salt.
Turn chlorinator back on.
Empty bags are a potential danger to children so dispose of appropriately.
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